Illustration mentorship

Illustration mentorship

WOW! That was a long semester!

This semester we had the opportunity in class to go out into the scary real world and find ourselves a industry professional mentor who would help us build a portfolio worthy project. Our lovely instructor Judy gave us an extensive list of illustrators we could choose from and it was in our hands to reach out to one person of our choice and send them a professional email with a portfolio pdf. I chose the illustrator Tom Froese, because I loved his style and his quality of work and I felt I could learn a lot from him and his experience in the industry. We scheduled 10am Monday morning calls every week to keep me on track and update give updates on the processes of where I was at.

I knew that I wanted to do a magazine cover and 3 spot illustrations so I set off racking the internet for magazines and articles that inspired me. I noticed while I was doing this that the articles I was collecting had a theme in common; they were all addressing environmental aspects. The one I landed on hit close to my heart as it was about salmon, and ever since I was young I would go out on my grandpa’s boat and try and score the perfect fish, so this seemed like the article for me to tackle (yes, that was a play on words).

The article I chose was called “Please enjoy your genetically engineered dinner”

This article was about GE salmon (genetically engineered salmon) and how they are now being sold in Canadian grocery stores without the proper labeling of what they are. The other aspect of the article was that theres a huge risk of GE salmon breaking out of their ocean net pens and causing a extinction of our natural wild salmon.

Whats a GE salmon you might ask?  Scientists in a lab take a needle and inject a female Atlantic salmon egg with the gene from a chinook salmon to make the salmon grow faster, and a gene from an ocean pout (a creepy deep sea eel that lives in very cold water) to give the salmon anti-freeze properties so that the fish farm doesn’t have to move the salmon when the winter comes. They give these fish sex changes to have an all female process – females that create sperm that are also only females – its pretty disturbing but I think you get the gist. These fish grow 5x faster = you can produce more fish and sell them for a cheaper price, plus, people don’t have to know legally that they are actually test tube fish!

anyways, enough yacking –

I started sketching and went through 7 processes for this project – getting Tom’s professional critique on every stage was helpful for me to get a sense of what illustrating in the real world would be like. Tom gave me a creative brief with new names for the article and the two topics of the article clearly stated to help my ideation.

I went through many a sketches and finally ended up with two final concepts that I had to refine on and pick one. Through the refining process Tom and I both settled on the opposite idea that we originally chose – a fish breaking out of a gene sequence.

The whole process of going from getting a creative brief and working titles to doing many many sketches and only seeing potential in two was a very valuable experience. I learnt so much from Tom – like how to work within only 2 colours but still have so much detail in one piece – also how to build a colour palate – and how to make your spot illustrations match your main cover illustration (just to name a few) It was a great experience that will help me throughout my 4th year of university and working in the real world. Big thank you to Tom Froese for coming on this journey with me!

I have attached my presentation PDF document if you would like to see my whole process!


Ciao 3rd year!!

The Story of Tinsel

The Story of Tinsel

In my story boarding class we were set the task to make stop motion animation videos and create a compelling story.

I chose to do mine on a boy named Tinsel. Tinsel is a little boy who after Christmas realized that his lane was where all the Christmas trees went to die, with a mission in mind he set out to replant all the lonely Christmas trees in a nearby park, not knowing that you cannot replant a Christmas tree. After he was done he proudly went back to his life, and in a few weeks he revisited the site only to find all of the trees he so lovingly planted to be dead. As he sat on the grass and was very sad out of the corner of his eye something caught his attention. Little baby saplings had sprouted out of the trimmings of the old trees and taken root in their new habitat. Tinsel ran back home to tell his family.



Fishy business

Fishy business

For my mentorship project with illustrator Tom Froese I chose to do a cover and 3 spot illustrations for the magazine The Walrus.

We wrote a brief together and then he wrote me a creative project brief to help guide me along the way.



I chose the article “Please enjoy your genetically engineered dinner” written by Christopher Pollon. 

The article is about the mislabeling in grocery stores of GE salmon and the environmental risks that come with fish farming.


now, more sketches to come!

Experience an Aboriginals story through VR

Experience an Aboriginals story through VR

In class we were assigned to do a project on Reconciliation for First Nations people. Our job was to bring awareness to the subjected find a way to educate people on the truth of what really happened. After lots of brain storming, my partner Maggie and I came up with an idea o f spreading the word throughout a VR experience at a museum in Vancouver called City before the city. The goal of having this booth was to create a communication design piece that would teach others about indigenous culture.

Il give you a quick run down of how it would play out..

Before entering the booth or the museum there would be this poster welcoming you to come in and experience our new VR booth


and they would walk through the exhibit and approach the VR booth which would look something like this:


The person would step into the curtained off VR booth and would be directed to a VR headset on the table in front of them. There would be instructions on the wall of how to use your headset and then you would stand where the feet icons are on the ground, put your headset on and start your experience.

The clips in the headset would be narrated by a woman taking you through her journey and her struggles. While she is speaking to you your surroundings will be navigational so you can move around and get a feel for where you are. Here below is our document that has everything together along with the images that match the script. Enjoy! 


I would mark myself 8.5/10 because I feel like I really was able to improve my collaboration skills working with such a great team member. I learned that pitching in ideas and as many as possible can lead to sucsess, and no ideas are bad ideas! I feel like I would have liked to develop the sketches of what you would see into a more polished format but I thought I would leave it to the imagination as in the real world it would be shot on film. 

Vancouver Honey bees process work

Vancouver Honey bees process work

Amanda and I were assigned to design our client a media package, to make using social media and connecting with her customers a lot easier for her.

We started off with planning out all of the sections of each social media account that needed to be touched upon and what was most important for her to run her business more smoothly. We divided it up into; Facebook, Instagram, pinterest, and Hootsweet.


from there, we started refining to the exact mock ups we needed and pulling together our files like the finished logo and the mood board and our collection of images we were going to give her.


Honeybees Package

Here is our final package not including mock ups!


I found this project really helpful and a great experience.

Individual- 8/10 I loved doing this bundle and loved working with Amanda, It would be great if the client could use some of the information we have given her to push her buisness to the next level on social media. I was happy with the content we provided and thought it was direct and usefull for our client.


Group – 9/10 Our group was great as a whole and everyone pulled there weight and worked as professionals would in the real world. The team was great at keeping on strategy and encorporating everyones ideas and feedback.